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Briannas Log!


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Hello my name is Brianna and I am doing my third Whole30, I only made it to day 11 the first time around. And last January I only made it a few days but was having bad gastrointestinal issues last year. I am optimistic. I have learned so much and have been following all the major Whole30 instagrams for a year and a half. I have a history of anxiety and panic attacks - this is always hard the first week. 

I noticed another person was doing a type of journal on here and figured that would be fun! I am on day 2 and boy I am the most exhausted I have ever been on day 2. It’s sort of like a calm exhaustion. I find myself researching a lot on my phone about random things! Figured I could do something beneficial and journal about today. If anyone has tips for me please share! I will be journaling my meals too. 

Day 2: I added more potato’s in today because last night I started feeling light headed with my side and chest hurting  I thought maybe it was the deficit of carbs from day 0 to day 1. I ate a bunch of carbs I had in the fridge to get rid of them the day before. Today I was thinking I might have eaten my meals to fast yesterday and that was the reason for the side pain. This is why I figured I would eat a bit more just these first few days then eat more veggies  

Breakfast: 2.5 eggs, 3 Pederson sausage links and some hash browns (ghee). Handful of raspberries. Coffee with coconut milk and collagen peptides. 
- I had a banana sometime around 12 because I was intensely researching a Europe trip

lunch: bison burger patty with complaint ketchup/mustard , mixed greens with tomato and onion, side of roasted potatoes  

dinner: (currently eating slowly for some reason) salmon w/ ghee, asparagus, more potato’s (I know but trying to problem solve). 
- about to sip on my natural calm unflavored magnesium but keep worrying it’s not compliant even though the ingredients are (Anxiety can be hard) 


feeling exhausted. I will add more tomorrow  I hope I sleep better tonight



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I have skipped a few days of documenting my journey. I honestly was in a pretty bad mood and didn’t want to reflect on the experience. I do have a lot going on which is part of it but I’m sure the emotions that go along with food are playing a hand in my bad mood. 

I always get to the middle of the week and my Mixed greens/spinach are all bad. I even keep them in Tupperware with paper towels. I guess I need to make time to stop and get some mid week. I feel like yesterday I had really balanced meals. 

today I woke up with a stomach ache. And my head had felt like it’s in the clouds most of the day (sometimes i think it’s a good feeling others I think it’s bad). 

M1 eggs, Pederson farms sausage, and a side of hash browns with ghee

i went out to get some sparkling waters and RX bars were 99 cents at sprouts!! I knew I should have gone yesterday because the good ones were mainly sold out. 

M2 I really did not want to cook anything but I powered through and made Trader Joe’s Jalp sausage with peppers/onions/ Cruifious crunch (TJs salad blend) I grilled it all together and added a little bit of Raos Tomato sauce. I didn’t eat a lot of it so saved the rest for later. 

M3 (ok I know it’s not ideal but I was in the mood of trying a new dish and wasn’t completely full from my sausage dish earlier). I made this whole30 recipient of Potato Lahtkes w/ smoked salmon and “sour cream” sour cream which was the top of the can of coconut milk  and lemon juice. YUM. That was satisfying I had a snack amount and saved the rest for another meal

i have low energy try now. Drinking some tea chilling in the couch. Maybe I need to workout. I think I will add that in tomorrow because I’ve been so exhausted. 


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Day 6. I am completely exhausted I told myself I would go on treadmill today but that did not happen. I’ve sorta just sat around all day. 

I had a difficult sleep last night I couldn’t fall asleep until 1am and woke up for a few hours around 4am. I slept until 10:30am and felt like I had been hit by a semi truck. I haven’t slept in that late since I was 21!  I am trying to get through the first 10 days but I know I need to get my sleep back on schedule. I go back to work on 1/13 and need to be consistent. Just trying to get by right now. 

I am not even in the mood to list my foods. That’s how unmotivated and exhausted I am. Going grocery shopping tomorrow for week 2. I know having a fridge stocked of more food will give me more excitement. Going to lay in bed now. 


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Day 7 

I slept better last night but was so exhausted today. I had to go grocery shopping too which took forever. I really wanted two cups of coffee but only had one. I can’t even think clearly. I am doing all the planning, my husband was asking what he could do and I couldn’t even verbalize it lol. 

I just have 0 energy. I do not remember being this tried during my first whole30 but my eating habits the months prior were worse than the first time I did it in 2018. I am hoping that day 8 I wake up with more energy. 

also woke up with my tummy hurting. I added some complaint probiotics this morning hoping that will help. I am not sure what I am eating that is bothering me. I am thinking onions maybe ? 

m1- eggs/sausage/hash browns/ banana / one cup of iced coffee

grocery shopping - got a more variety of veggies

m2- leftover potato lahtkes w/ ground beef and peppers and onions 

for dinner I am planning this whole30 buffalo chicken casserole. Maybe this isn’t the best idea due to stomach issues ... maybe I will make it less spicy it just sounds delicious. The other day I had a Trader Joe’s jalp sausage (super tasty and medium heat) and my stomach was NOT okay. 


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I’m sorry you’re not feeling well and are so exhausted. I can read your frustration in your posts.  It looks like you’re doing a really great job, though, and hopefully if you can power through the rough first part you’ll start feeling better and seeing some benefits soon. 

I’m following your journey and am on your side. 


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I hear you and I salute you.  Mental exhaustion will zap you faster than anything I know.  Rest as often as you can without guilt.  Know that all things beyond the basics that you think need to be done will be done when your body is not working so hard on healing.  Be well!

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Day 10

Hey guys! I am feeling much better yesterday and today  currently at a movie place that has full service food.  I brought my snacks just in case  it is very tempting. I quit on day 10 my first round so I am trying to stay strong  I think it’s okay to get out.  
we have a crockpot cooking bbq pork at home  


will update later 


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Day 12 almost complete!!!

I officially made it past day 10, where I quit during my first whole30.  Yesterday I felt amazing but I knew I didn’t eat enough when I got into bed. I only slept a few hours and today has been a blur but I am feeling more optimistic :)

m1- eggs with ghee, hash browns, 3 Pederson sausages and a side of raspberries 

m2- spaghetti squash with meat sauce. 

snack- plantain crisp with guac

m3- steak with brussel sprouts. 

trying to avoid the RXBars.. I have been eating one per day the last few days.  I’ve had some diarrhea the past few day’s I think it’s the magnesium I’ve been taking to help sleep. So avoiding that and the RX bar. 

my goal for the second half of whole30 is to incorporate even more veggies. Try to follow the proportions more closely and make very simple meals. 

optimistic ❤️ I planned my week 3 grocery shopping and meals today. Husband will go shopping tomorrow and I will prep some things. 

prep goals
- 4 burgers
 - a pack of sausages -a pan of roasted potatos -pan of roasted veggies and beef stew for my lunches next week. 

I start back at my internship on Monday. So first week where I have things to do. 

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thank you!! 

day 13 ! Today is a great day everyone. Felt very productive. 

m1- the usual (eggs, hash browns, Pederson mild sausage links, coffee with nut pudd)

snack- husband went shopping today instead of Sunday so I ate some fruit and veggies I had pre cut to make space for the new food!  

m2- turkey lettuce wrap with tomato and quac 

snack- not really a snack but I had some gold potatoes that needed to be baked. I did a whole bunch for the coming week. They were too tasty not to “taste” a couple. 

m3- the best feeling meal in a while. It’s this Avocado Chicken lime soup that I’ve made many times before. I omitted tortilla chips. It was just fresh and delicious. I’ve been eating a lot of beef so felt I needed a break. I was getting full very easily. Tonight I ate two bowls of this soup!! I think adding more lean protein will help me eat more. (See picture below. This is actually a photo from last year. I was too hungry to take one today) it was pretty easy to make in one pot! 

I was feeling good today. I am nervous about going back to work on Monday. The main reason is I’m nervous to get back to my clients. I am a counseling intern. But also some nerves around staying whole30. It’s a nonprofit and people love to bring food. I even had a thought “I should bring donuts” on Monday (it’s my first day back since mid December). And was like NO I’m still on whole30. I cannot tempt my own self. Hah. 

I am going to try and workout tomorrow morning. Which I have not done yet. I haven’t been working out for a while as it was. I have a food full of lots of leftovers and I posted a photo on the blog. I am taking steps in the right direction. Haha. 


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Day 16! 
I am so excited I have passed the halfway point. I was super busy Sunday with meal prep and Monday going back to work. I made a super delicious pot roast on Sunday which will be my lunches for the week. i have so many leftovers in my fridge. Last night I just had leftovers. i love having many leftovers in the fridge! 

M1- bacon, hash browns, and eggs.  With coffee. 

my teeth are bothering me right now which is random, I just went to the dentist so I think that is it. I will update later. ❤️

also thanks for all the community support so far!

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Day 18. I am disliking the whole30 stages because I was expecting tiger blood from day 16 forward and that wasn’t the case today. Last night I got home later because my internship. I decided to make breakfast for dinner so I could also have it for breakfast in the morning. My husband decided to work a double at work (he’s a firefighter so works 24 hour shifts). I am tired and did not want to make anything. 

I think having leftovers two days in a row was a bad idea then my husband at work 2 days unable to help. I think that’s my fault but going back to work was harder than I thought. I don’t have as much time to cook I like to eat food that is freshly cooked. 

I started this week on such a high because I had all the amazing leftovers. I am glad tomorrow is Friday. I can maybe go to Trader Joe’s and get a few things to give me some excitement. 

oh and I did a oops and looked at the scale. Which also added to my spiral because I was one pound heavier than when I started....

m1 cold hash browns, eggs and sausages. 
m2 burger patty with side mixed greens(honestly didn’t eat many of the greens. I’m sort of over it) 

m3 I got complaint meal from Zoës kitchen. The lady at the counter gave me a free CHOCOLate CAke for FREEE.  She was being nice. I didn’t know what to do. Now I have this cake on my counter. I wanted to just DIG in to it on my drive home. I know I should freeze it or something. It’s so tempting. I was going to post my picture of it with a little demon sticker on it but I won’t do that to y’all. 

I think I need to be inspired again. Can anyone help with delicious tasting and easy recipes??? Please get me out of this bored slump I am in! it’s horrible. 

save meee 


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Although 12 days seem an eternity right now, they really are not especially considering the 18 days you already have behind you.  Dig deep! You can do this!  Think about the demands you currently have on you, and you have been able to function through them and still take care of you! That is Tiger blood. You may not have spare energy but it’s because you are using it to the max to eat well in the midst of a lot of physical demands.  How would your coping abilities be if you were not doing a whole 30 currently?  

I have found amazing food inspiration from the whole30recipe Instagram page.  I have also started following several of the weekly highlighted accounts.  I am amazed at how many Instagram bloggers there are now with fantastic recipes.  

I also snoop through the food logs here on the forum and anything that sounds good I follow the link and save to Pinterest for later reference.  Pinterest is also another great place to find inspiring recipes.

get rid of the cake.. nothing is free, it will cost you 18 days of blood sweat and tears.

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Here are a couple favorites we've made recently:

White Chicken Chili - delicious with cauli rice and roasted sweet potato cubes with avocado on top. I've made it in the instant pot and slow cooker, and both ways are great. https://therealfoodrds.com/slow-cooker-white-chicken-chili/

Hibachi Chicken - this magic mustard sauce is so good! It came together really quickly, too. http://www.thedefineddish.com/hibachi-style-chicken-with-magic-mustard-sauce/

Meal Prep Meatballs - these were really good and great for using whatever you have on hand. https://therealfoodrds.com/meal-prep-meatballs/

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Thanks for the encouragement. I have stayed compliant. I am really exhausted right now. I don’t have energy to cook lunch so I might skip it. I know it’s not ideal but it better than eating something I shouldn’t. My husband just got home and he’s in a bad mood which doesn’t help. I really want to ask him to cook me something. He’s eating the leftover Zoës I got for him. 

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