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In a short answer... "yes", there's a ton of information out there and it's totally workable to do Whole30 in a low-FODMAP way.

Try googling "Whole30 low FODMAP" and take a look to see if anything stands out for you. Having a FODMAP list (showing which foods are low and which ones are quite high, so should be avoided) would be a great place to start, as that can help you shift around foods that might cause issues (as well as provide some options that could make decent substitutes). There are some blogs dedicated to low FODMAP recipes, and by searching the two terms together you can hopefully find some good resources that can be tweaked easily to fit Whole30 if they're not compliant as written.

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There are definitely some discrepancies among different FODMAP lists online, I'm not entirely sure why. Ultimately, pick a list -- the one on this page is nice because it's not just yes/no, there's also a group of things to limit but that you can have in small quantities, which gives you a little more variety: https://www.thepaleomom.com/modifying-paleo-for-fodmap-intolerance/, but really, just pick the one that seems best to you and go with that for a few weeks. If you aren't seeing results in two or three weeks then you can regroup and decide where to go from there. 


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