Starting Whole30 post juice cleanse

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I'm finishing up a three-day organic juice cleanse and planning to start Whole30 tomorrow.  Since I haven't had solid foods in awhile (pregamed juice cleanse with a day or so of veggie soups), any advice on how to start incorporating compliant foods back into scope?  Not sure if anyone has done this already!  Thx!

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I've never done a juice cleanse, but you could do things like make sure your veggies are cooked / eat soups and stews.  But, 3-4 days is not all that long of a time, so I don't think most people's digestive tract would have changed all that much.  But drink lots of water, possible with a pinch of salt.

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I did 2 juice cleanses in December before starting my whole 30. 1st three days were just green juice, then day 4 I had 6 egg whites for breakfast and 6 egg whites for dinner with juicing in between, day 5 I had 6 egg whites for breakfast and a simple plain grilled chicken breast with minimal seasoning like ghee rosemary and thyme for dinner with juicing in between.  On day 6 I began to eat regular clean meals.  I honestly think it was the juice fasting that has helped me not have severe cravings or caffeine and sugar withdrawals.  Best of luck!

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