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w30Virgo Round 3 January 2020


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Day 29 & 30

Almost forgot to post on Wednesday, and totally forgot to post Thursday. Oh well - I think it's just a sign of how comfortable I'm getting in eating this way. I'm planning to eat Whole30 tomorrow, then reintroduce dairy on Sunday. I'm going to try yogurt and cheese. I already know milk is an issue, so I avoid it as is. I basically already know cheese is an issue too - I may add a day of reintroing sheep and goat's milk cheeses later, to see if there's a difference. I just love cheese so much - it's very difficult for me to imagine a future where I never eat.

I've been having some issues with my mood this week. I tend towards depression in the winter, but, so far this month, I've felt very positive. This week, on Monday, Tuesday, and yesterday, I really felt depressed. Unmotivated, crying spells, thoughts turning toward dark topics, low self-esteem. I've been trying to be gentle with myself, but I have to get it together to clean our house and get things ready to host for the Superbowl on Sunday, so I'm just creating very specific schedules for myself to follow, so I don't have to make choices about how I spend my time. I'm just limiting my expectations for myself to the bare minimum of what needs to get done until I feel better.

I'll do a post Monday about my results, how I'm feeling, and how reintroduction is going. I'll reintro dairy on Sunday, then legumes on Wednesday, and non-gluten alcohol on Saturday. One of my friends is so excited to have us "back on the sauce" that she's planning a little party for it Saturday. I think I'll probably reintroduce gin on that day - I want to stick to one type of alcohol at a time as I ease back into drinking - that's smart to do, anyway. Then, Dave and I are planning to go to Cleveland for Valentine's Day and my parents are visiting the following weekend, so those two will be a bit of a free-for-all. In Cleveland, I'm going to mindfully treat myself to foods that I love - I know I'll be having a bagel with cream cheese, and will probably bring some home to freeze, because they have a bagel place that I love. Otherwise, definitely breweries, and there are a few new restaurants we want to try. When my parents visit, we will likely go to some restaurants that don't have really compliant options, although I'm going to try not to go to crazy here. On 2/11, I'm going to reintroduce non-gluten grains, then I probably won't be able to go back to reintroduction until 2/26, when I'll have gluten left to reintroduce.

I'll update a bit later with my meals from yesterday and today.

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Here are meals for Day 29 and 30

Day 29 Meals

M1 - pork sausage cooked with onions, 2 scrambled eggs with primal kitchen ketchup, spring mix & cherry tomatoes with caesar dressing

M2 - 6 romaine leaves topped with ground beef taco meat, salsa and homemade ranch

M3 - burger with sweet potato and white potato fries, ranch, beet sauerkraut


Day 30 Meals

M1 - Same as day 29

M2 - Leftovers, not sure what exactly I'll have yet - maybe some leftover chicken and cruciferous crunch mix.

M3 - BLT Salad from Real Simple Good (https://realsimplegood.com/blt-salad/) with Sweet Potato Chowder (https://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-vegan-sweet-potato-chowder-234109)

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@w30virgo  I do hope you feel better!  Is there something perhaps about Sunday or even the reintro that may have triggered the depression or at the very least set you on a tailspin in that direction?  It may be worth gently exploring some of that.  And always remember you do not have to do anything or eat anything you do not want to.  I’m glad your month has been mostly depression free.  I do hope the dark clouds break open for you and let you experience the joy that is intended with getting friends together for a good time.  

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