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Round 2 - Ready to Go!

Randy R

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My wife and I started R2D1 today (1/2/20). Round 1 occurred in 2014, so there has been a bit of a gap between but a whole body reset was definitely in order. I am currently at my heaviest, 340 Lbs. at 6'3. Knee issues and low back issues are greatly worsened by the weight. I'll be 41 this year so if I don't turn things around I think I am going to be seriously shortening the second half of my life. My wife is 45 and not struggling with weight, though she will always say she would be happier if she were 10 lbs. lighter. She is 5'3 and at 134 lbs. She deals with Crohns however, so I good digestive reset would help her in that regard.

We have prepped the kitchen and worked out the first three days of meals. One problem we have run into in general is trying to plan to much at once. The idea of prepping out 7 days of meals/lunches or whatever turns me off to meal prep all together. We are going to do this 3 days at a time grocery shopping, meal planning and prepping. My wife burns anything not coming out of a box so I am doing the majority of the prep and cooking. We are working on finding instant pot recipes she can follow, since its a start it and walk away.

So far its only day one and its going fine. We will battle one day at a time until the 30 are done. 

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