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Whole30 first timer


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First time doing the whole30. Really want to break my sugar addiction and sort out inflammation issues in my joints. Hoping this will.keep.me accountable!

Day 1

M1: Mushroom and mixed herb omelette. Half an Apple with hazelnut butter.

M2: sweet potato and tuna fish cakes with a huge salad

M3: beef and vegetable stew. Glass of kombucha

Day 2

Woke with a lot of pain in right hip,knee and ankle.

M1: leftover beefstew

M2: Leftover beefstew

M3: more fish cakes with lots of salad and greenbeans. 

Not many sugar cravings so far! But still on holiday from work so well see..


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Day 3

Still feeling pretty good although my joints are playing up a lot. Also keep waking during the night,hoping that will pass.sugar craving are surprisingly low, I think all the extra protein is keeping them at bay! I've also been drinking lots of cinnamon tea which has a sweetish taste so that could be helping too.

M1: leftover beef stew

M2: tuna fish cakes,huge salad and greenness

M3: leftover salad, cod fillet. Apple with almond butter. Glass of Kombucha.




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Day 4

Very sore hip this morning..Had to have a quick breakfast and was on the go most of the day so grabbed lunch whilst out. Managed to stick to it, craved some sugar though! Had lot more energy today though. 

M1: small bowl of chicken stew. Apple and almond butter.

M2: 2 poached eggs, half an avocado, smoked salmon.

Snack: banana and almond butter

M3: 6 turkey meatballs, homemade tomato sauce,mixed roasted vegetables. 

Drinks: water,coffee,herbal teas,coconut water, kombucha

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Day 5

Feeling good most of the day. A few more sugar cravings but nothing too bad. Woke up late and had late breakfast followed by late lunch and bed early so didn't really want dinner. Might have a banana before bed..

M1: cabbage and eggs, half an Apple with almond butter

M2: Turkey meatballs, missed salad with mayo and cashews added, zoodles. Half an Apple with almond butter.

night time snack: Mandarin 

Back homework tomorrow, that's where it gets harder for me!!

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Been I'll the last 2days,  proper cold. Felt awful most of yesterday but a bit better today, back and joints quite bad too. 

Day 6

M1:  Apple and peanut butter. 3 Turkey meatballs,cucumber. 

Snack: paleo fruit and but bar

M2: large tuna salad

M3: veg and Turkey soup.I


Day 7

M1: Banana

Snack: paleo fruit and but bar

M2: baked potato and tuna salad

M3: smoothie with cashew milk, apple,almond butter,maca

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