Still Living In Crazy Town

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I've evicted the circus. Now I'm working on evicting the clutter, both physical and mental. Got thru the holidays with my family. Started Whole 30 yesterday.

Day 1: on plan although my last meal was close to bed time.

Day 2: Meal 1done 

  1. started laundry
  2. cleaning kitchen
  3. shopping

      Meal 2

  1. still working on laundry
  2. listening to podcasts

      Meal 3

  1. Didn't get all the laundry done but what I did is put away
  2. I can see the counters in the kitchen and the bottom of the sink

Stayed on plan and making progress with the clean up.  Today, I like me!

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Day 4

I managed to sleep in again so meal 1 wasn't until 1145.

Off to shop for veggies at the market. Then prep for the work week.

Stayed complete but only had 2 meals and a CHOMPS stick before going to the club. I feel like I made a success of a weird day.

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