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Re-starting tomorrow 1/4/2020.


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Hi! This is my second round. I did one successful round in September. I started my second round on January 1st, 2020, but have had two incidents of not reading the label and assuming! First there was brown rice syrup in my usual vegan mayo, and then there was stevia in CoYo coconut yogurt that I had assumed was unsweetened. So here I am again, starting over tomorrow. I have gained 30 pounds and a lot of inflammation over the last 12 months because of awakening and feeding the sugar dragon. But the consequences are huge, and I am making a firm decision to quit. We just moved, and then had 13 family members with us over the holidays before we ever had a chance to unpack, so it’s a crazy time. But I don’t want to postpone any longer! So, here’s to tomorrow morning!

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