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Hi! My name is Jen and I live in the Cleveland, Ohio area. I am preparing for my second Whole30 starting Monday, January 6th. I intended to start on the 1st and signed up for Melissa's texts, however, the holiday season was overwhelming and I didn't get the prep time I needed to start strong. I have done this before. I tried to do it two other times after a successful one and didn't complete them. I have done other forms of elimination plans working with my Functional Medicine doctor at the Cleveland Clinic and I continue to work with her.

Based on my personal health I don't eat as much red meat or bacon that is found in Whole30. I also don't like any kind of cooked tomato or peppers, so I steer clear of those recipes.   

The number one change that would have a profound impact on my wellbeing would be finding a tribe on the east side of Cleveland that abides by this lifestyle. I am a single, working woman in my 40s and having a social setting and group of friends that are also doing this would be amazing. 

I listen to Melissa's podcast, Do the Thing, religiously. I'm listening to the James Clear conversation for the third time and picked up his book, Atomic Habits. I opted out of going to a movie tonight to make a dish and start reading it.

I'm planning to drive to the Pittsburg area on Jan 22nd to hear Melissa speak on her book tour. 

I shopped for four recipes today and planned when I'm cooking them tomorrow to be set up for a good start. Since I cook for one, four recipes go a long way. 

I also started rereading the Whole30 book with a highlighter. Since this is not my first rodeo I really want to approach this with a beginner's mind. I probably miss things because I think I already know things. That's my ego. I surrender.

While I know Whole30 is not a weight loss plan, I want to lose 50lbs. I've done this before so I know I can do it. I need Whole30 to get me back on the path. 

I'd love to hear from other folks in the Cleveland area. 

I'd also love to learn how you have created or discovered community to support your healthy lifestyle. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I hope it encourages you.

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Also not in Cleveland, but I understand the need for a tribe.  I have two friends that are instrumental in my encouragement to press on.  One lives over an hour away and the other just moved quite literally to the opposite side of the globe.  We use FB and IG to keep in contact and encourage one another.  What I wouldn’t give to have them near by.  

I created a second IG account and have purposefully only been following inspirational people or companies.  This account is not personal or meant for my friends and family, it is my place I go for a lift, inspiration, a new recipe, encouragement in exercise, and to feel normal about my changing lifestyles.  Yes my two friends instrumental to my journey are my only two friends on that account, but that is because their post for my criteria for following.  Honestly this second account has been a breath of fresh air and I feel a bit more connected in a very disconnected world.

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As luck would have it, I am also starting my second round of the Whole30 on January 6! Unfortunately I don't live in Cleveland (is Virginia close enough? :) ) I'm a little younger than you and go to graduate school, so I definitely understand the need for a support network that has a shared set of goals and values-- it would be great to find a group of people to serve as encouragement and accountability buddies, especially on those rough days. I know we're both internet strangers but I'd love to serve as support for your journey. Best wishes with your second round!

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