Add fat to Whole30 recipes?

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Depending on the sausage you used, there could be a fair amount of fat in it, but you can add some if you want. Diced olives or avocado would probably be good in the soup if you don't want something separate. 

If you have a serving of the soup, without adding any fat, and it keeps you satisfied until your next meal, you may not need any more fat, although that's something you won't know until you try it.

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I was thinking that there had to be added fat to every meal.  Like the template says. I am only on Day 3 and still figuring things out.  I used Italian chicken meatballs.  There were 16 grams of fat in my portion of meatballs.  So should I be figuring out how much fat is in my protein and then subtracting it out of the 1-2 thumbs of fat?  That will get tricky with different cuts of meat and differences between chicken, pork and beef.  Lucky for me I found store-bought meatballs that had the nutritional info on the side.  I do not have a very good internal sense of satiety.  That is partly why I am overweight.  I rarely feel satiated.  I also almost never feel thirsty.  This is something I battle with.  I ate a serving.  Felt not starving, not full.  Now 2.5 hours later.  I am hungry.

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Nope, don't calculate based on grams's more fluid than that. For recipes, we don't necessarily write them all as template abiding - some are side dishes or protein mains etc. 

Given your lack of satiety I would add fat to your meals - it's really almost impossible to overeat fats - they shut the body off when done. The satiety also depends on your portion sizes. How many cups of veggies were in that stew - how many approx palms of protein? 

Now can I also say that the foods that some people were/are used to eating (not saying you but it's possible) are calorically dense but nutritionally barren. This causes your body to never say "enough" because it hasn't received the things it needs.  When you are eating protein, veggies and good fats you will have a hard time overeating to any measurable amount. Maybe at first you'll eat more because your body is crying for micronutrition? But in the long game your body will tell you what it needs. Same goes for thirst. Drink the water even if you don't think you need it and that will all regulate.

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Adding to that, roasted vegetables tossed in EVOO or whatever spices you desire is a good way to add fat to your meals. Avocados are a good source as well; I always add about 1/4 avocado (since all my dressings are oil-based and add some fat already) to all my salads. Maybe if your recipes don't contain any fat, you could have about 1/2 avocado on the side.

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