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Hi there!

I am starting day 5 and hoping someone can help me with my meal portions as they feel off. I am 5 foot 4, and my weight hovers under 120 lbs. Prior to starting Whole 30 I was intermittent fasting but not for diet purposes, I was simply not hungry in the morning for anything but coffee. I’ve researched and understand the benefits of breakfast now and eating soon after waking and have been and am committed to doing so now. However, this means I am adding an entire other meal to my day. I am eating SO much more than I did before in following the meal template.. and I’m wondering if at 120 pounds it’s perhaps too much? I feel fuller than I need to be and can tell I either have or on track to gaining weight. My main goal in doing whole 30 is to give my body a reset and improve my insomnia but I’ll be disappointed if I end up gaining weight. Think it’s OK to eat a little less? Certainly the template for a 200 lb man and 120lb female should be different, right? 

thanks for any and all perspectives here! 

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The template is largely based on the size of your hands, so it should be scaled appropriately already. You can download the template here:

You want your meals to keep you satisfied for 4-5 hours, if they're doing that, they're probably about the right size. 

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