Carolyn's January 2020 Whole30 Journey

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So I'm into Day 4 of my Whole30, and I'm feeling so great, I want to let everyone know, but simultaneously, I'm nervous that completion is going to be hard, so I want to be a little careful letting my light shine too brightly.

So far, it's been really easy for me, aside from the food planning part. However, I love poring over the internet finding potential recipes. I think I spent about 90 minutes meal planning for this week. 

My biggest reason to start this - which is my third attempt - is that I've been theoretically trying to lose weight via Noom for far too long. I'm sure the program works, if you actually stick to it, but I had a habit of ignoring my food logging with the very sad justification that if I didn't record it, it didn't happen. Haha. Fast forward to the holidays, which were super hard emotionally after losing a close colleague I've worked with since 2004, and I ate too much and drank far too much. I think I gained 6 pounds from December 1 to December 31 (UGH). I felt like a needed a complete reset to concentrate on my own health, break bad habits and hopefully lose a bit of weight on the way. 

The last three days have seen me do a lot of reflecting about my relationship with alcohol, which is my biggest vice. I've felt generally very energetic on the plan, and there's a bit of an "atta girl" self love attitude going on. I've felt positive, strong and happy.

I have a few fears though. First, I go back to work tomorrow, and the kids go back to school and all the activities, so the relaxing pace I've gone on since Thursday is about to change dramatically. Second, I am traveling twice this month, and controlling intake will be really challenging. 

So there you go. I wish everyone the best of luck, and I'll try to post my log every day.

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Hi Carolyn,

Don’t be afraid to feel or share the wrong things! Writing down how you really feel about the program and your health on each day can be super helpful, you’ll be able to look back and see when you felt optimistic, when you struggled to stay on plan, and when you felt those NSVs. Especially when you’re dealing with emotional attachments to food/alcohol, I think it’s healthy to honestly work through those feelings, which these logs are great for.

You can do this! It won’t always be easy with your busy schedule and travel plans but it is always possible. It will be worth it in the end!

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Yesterday was a little challenging. Mostly from a fatigue perspective, but I attribute that to fighting a virus - not anything with Whole30. And I went shopping at Ralph's, which did not have (1) Flank Steak, (2) Ground Pork and (3) enough shrimp for my planned meals. That was so frustrating. And they didn't have coconut milk! I usually hit Vons (I live in SoCal), but logistically, Ralph's made more sense with respect to errands. Guess I'll have to hit up some more specialty markets around here to get some more ingredients.

I did make this wonderful Pecan-crusted salmon. OMG, sooooooo good.

This morning, kids are on their way to school, and I'm about to step out the door to go to work. Luckily, work is an easier place to stay on plan. I have a very health-focused colleagues, and if I don't have the time to prep anything, there's a natural grocery store three blocks away that has a great salad bar - very easy to stay on plan with that choice!

i wish everyone well.

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Quick break from work to comment on yesterday. I'm fighting a cold, so I was super draggy yesterday. My husband's cousin surprised us yesterday with an "I'm in town, can we meet for dinner?" Luckily, I had planned a super fast meal that was easy to add extra servings to - we even have leftovers so I have lunch today. It was sheet pan chili lime shrimp fajitas, which is great because I can provide tortillas, cheese, sour cream, etc. for the family members who aren't doing the Whole30.

I'm feeling good today but have no voice. I had some compliant bacon left from my weekend breakfast, so I popped a few pieces in the oven today to add to the egg dish I've been making for several days (I needed something to keep the hubby interested), so that was fun.


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Day 7 - one week down! Awwww yeah. Today has been all about meal prep. I got up early to make a breakfast casserole to last my husband and me a few days. It was really good, and I'm excited to eat it tomorrow! And tonight, I prepped Tom Kha Gai. Can't wait to have that for lunch.

Feeling really good. I do get very tired at night, but I don't think that's a bad thing. I'd prefer being naturally tired to being tired from a beer or two.

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