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kristy lynn

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I'm completely vegan, no dairy, or eggs at all, and I don't eat tofu or seitan. I'm struggling with headaches and finding things to keep me full. Any advice?  Does anyone know of any vegan brands of butter, or meat replacements that would be compliant. Been on the diet 3 days and haven't stopped being hungry yet, and feeling very lightheaded and weak. I can't work like this, but I don't want to give up the diet because I'm doing it with a non vegan friend and I want to be supportive. Please help.

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As a vegan, you're going to have to do a modified whole30, you cannot do it as written, because there just are not protein options for you. There's some explanation about this here:

So your Whole30 will include some things that your friend's Whole30 will not. You can include legumes (though you should probably still leave out peanuts, and limit soy as much as possible, since these are the legumes most likely to cause issues for people). You should still leave out gluten-containing grains, but some of the non-gluten grains that are high in protein may be options, like quinoa, amaranth, or spelt. For best results with beans and these gluten-free grains, look up instructions for soaking and sprouting them, it can help with some of the problematic anti nutrients in them and make them easier to digest. 

Even with these extra protein sources, you may not be getting as much protein as someone who eats meat and eggs, so you may need even a little more fat with meals than the typical whole30 template provides for. This should help you feel satisfied and stay satisfied longer between meals.



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Hi Kristy Lynn,


I'm in a similar boat (I'm vegetarian and not willing to eat fish or meat). One thing I tried was incorporating different proteins into different rounds: For the first round, I allowed beans but no soy products (specifically garbanzo, black, and kidney beans, which I cooked from dried myself). The second round (i.e. the next year) I allowed soy products (specifically tofu) but no beans. That way I could get the experimental/information benefits of Whole30 without having to compromise my beliefs.


Hope this helps!

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