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New to Whole30


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This is my first day logging here. I have been through a 12 step recovery program for an ED and this way of eating seems to be the best to keep me on track with my food abstinence. I need a little support and motivation along the way. I am not really sure how to log each day. Do I come back to this thread and post a whole other entry each day? I am a bit nervous to be honest...


Applegate Sunday Bacon (not Whole30 approved...I guess I should wait on this addition, or buck up and buy some online!)



Green onions

Diced tomatoes


10 raw almonds


Pureed turnips w/ghee

Pot roast

Big green salad w/Afrikan Smoke and Rice Vinegar

I had to laugh when my husband and I read over 'what to expect' this morning. I have to admit, I felt like a bit of a stud eating bacon and eggs. Ha! I am preparing myself for the worst, but I'm keeping an open mind and positive attitude.

I am going to try not to obsess about eating too much or too little. I am going to give listening to my body a try. I feel a tightness in my chest at letting go of calories and nutrition counting. It is also a bit nerve wracking throwing my hat out here.


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I have two friends doing this journey with me. We all live in a different place, so we started a Facebook group where we post what we're eating and suggest recipes, give inspiration, etc. I'm hoping that between that and this forum I can stay focused and committed. I am an admitted sugar addict and I've always stayed active and 'fit' so I could eat whatever I wanted. It's getting harder to do that and I'm tired of feeling tired all the time. I'm hoping this will change that feeling and give me a new outlook on life in general.

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Connie - That's awesome you have friends to share the journey with and to help with accountability! I have tried talking my best friend into doing this with me, but she is not ready yet. Good luck on your journey!

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Well, so far one has dropped off already (she had a chocolate on day 1 and then gave up completely this morning). I guess you have to be ready, mentally to get through the first week. I'm really determined to stick with it. I have a couple events coming up this month that I know will be really difficult to get through because of the eating plan, but I'm trying to prepare myself mentally ahead of time. How's it going for you so far?

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You definitely have to be ready. I have been in her shoes more times than I'd like to count. Today at Starbucks was hard. It was toward the end of the day and the pastries were calling me. I thought about sugar and baked goodness for hours after that. I had to start a book to get my mind off it. I think I'll just avoid going 'in' to Starbucks from now on. I never really viewed myself as someone prone to tears at not having a sweet, but I was pretty damn close today. :)

Just remember to plan the timing of your meals really well that day, and eat before you go! I know those things help me a great deal. Also; I meditate most days and try to focus in on my goals. I have a whole spiritual thing going on too, but I'm not sure where most people stand on God, or a Higher Power, for support so I don't really bring that up.

The end of the day was tough. It's almost bed time now. My husband and I are trying to adhere to a strict 8 o'clock rule while doing our Whole30, which is hard for me, because I am usually an insomniac....one of the things I hope to change as I change my way of life and relationship to food.

How are you doing? I know how easy it is for me when I have friends along to throw in the towel when my friends relent in their persistence. I tend to cave more easily if my goal is tied to a person. This is one of the main reasons I work out alone too.

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