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how much sugar?


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We don't make recommendations about grams of sugar or any other items. The meal template suggests not more than two servings of fruit per day, where a serving is the size of your closed fist. Serving sizes for dried fruit would be a bit smaller -- think of how big the fruit would be rehydrated, and base it more on that than the smaller, dehydrated size. You never have to have any fruit, so if you have a day where you just don't want any, that is fine. If occasionally you have a day with more fruit but mostly you stick to the recommendations, that is fine, you'll probably have days with less so it'll all even out. 

When you might want to rethink how much fruit you're having would be if you're craving fruit, feel like a meal isn't finished until you have a fruity "dessert," or are having plates of fruit for breakfast because you're used to sweet things for breakfast. You would still be compliant and doing a Whole30, but those are things that you could change to get even better results from your Whole30.  

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