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Organic Superfood Protein


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I have been using yoursuper nutrient mixes and would like to continue the skinny protein while doing the whole30. It is 100% plant based, no gluten, non gmo, and the ingredients all organic are: pea protein, hemp protein, moringa, spirulina, and alfalfa. I use in my smoothie of spinach, avacodo, blueberries, 1/2 banana, and coconut water, once daily for breakfast on T-W-TH the mornings I have to be at work by 5am. I eat eggs on the other mornings.

Can I continue this while doing yhe whole30?

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Pea protein is not permitted as it is a legume. I assume it also has some sort of sweetener in it.

Also, smoothies are not recommended:

Smoothies: We’d rather you didn’t

This is a very popular question, with a very unpopular answer. Smoothies (generally made using lots of fruit) are technically compliant on your Whole30, but we strongly recommend against it. Food that you drink sends different satiety signals to your brain than food that you chew. So when you drink your meal, your brain isn’t getting the feedback it needs to tell your body that it’s had enough of what it needs. Plus, smoothies are generally really fruit-heavy, and starting your day off with a liquid sugar-bomb sets you up for cravings, hunger, and volatile energy levels throughout the day. In summary, we’d rather you just eat the food, and skip the smoothie.

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