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Sara's Whole 30 R2


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Today is D2 for me and my husband - I've done a whole30 before in 2017 and it's his first. I'm happy we're doing it together because it makes it feel like team work and you can share your stresses and successes with someone else.

Day One

B: Bacon, scrambled eggs with salsa mixed in, spinach, blueberries and coffee with nutpod creamer

L: Roasted sweet potato, grilled chicken, spinach and slivered almonds on top

Snack: Stalk of celery with some almond butter

D: Salmon belly cooked with coconut oil, garlicy spinach on top of cauliflower rice

I felt really good and motivated. Prior to starting I cleared out our pantry of all non-complaint foods and did a big shop of all the items i know it is nice to have on hand in addition to what we'll need for the meals I've planned this week. For me the hardest thing is always breakfast... toooo many days of eggs : ) 

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