Increased Shoulder & Joint Pain


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On Whole 30 #2 here. Starting on day 2 (now on day 5), I've been experiencing significantly increased pain levels in my shoulder (seeing an orthopedist for ongoing issues), as well as most other joint areas (hips, knees, hands/feet, etc). I have not changed anything about my daily routine. Has anyone else experienced this? I've previously been diagnosed with both SIBO and SIFO, and am wondering if this could be due to a strong die-off reaction. There could definitely be some muscle pain involved as well.

During W30 version 1, I experienced quite a bit less in the way of aches and pains, so this is getting me pretty down and making it hard to keep going.

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2 hours ago, ultrarunnergirl said:

Can you please tell us what you've been eating? 4 days is not very long, but perhaps there's something you've started eating that you weren't before?

Today is actually day 7 and the issues persist. I've been eating some sort of egg muffins/casserole for breakfast with sweet potato, peppers, onions, compliant sausage/bacon and mixed berries. Lunch is leftovers such as chicken salad over greens with cucumber, tomato, onion or or today it was a large bowl of Thai shrimp soup with cauli rice. Dinner is typically a meat, starch, and vegetable such as pork chops, cauli mash, green beans or steak, sweet potato, asparagus. I've added nothing new to my diet.

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