Day 4 - #TheSnapAttack

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It's Day 4 of my Whole30 journey. Day 1 felt great, just like the timeline and book said. 2 and 3 were a little bit harder, but as exhausted as I was I pushed throughout the day (I work 11 hour days) AND I still managed to work out.

But now that I've made it to day 4 I'm BEYOND exhausted. Simple questions I used to enjoy answering now irritate me and all I can think is "Are you serious? You can't figure that out on your own?" I've taken a walk while listening to my Yoga playlist to help balance out my emotions. It worked up until another silly question was asked of me and now I can't jump back.

My boyfriend (who has completed the Whole30 before and is now doing it with me for my first time) stated that my blood sugar is low and my body is learning to use energy with the fat my body has stored. Understandable. But HELP! How can I beat this feeling? I will admit I haven't eaten much fruit since I've started either. Should I eat more? I know there are carbohydrates I can obtain from fruits, but I just haven't really wanted them.

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It's hard to say what you should do without knowing what you've been doing, so if you want more personalized feedback, list a day or two of typical meals, including approximate portion sizes. 

In general, fruit might give you a quick hit of energy, but it probably won't last long. Make sure you're salting your food, drink plenty of water, and include a fist-sized serving of starchy vegetable each day, like sweet potato, potato, carrots, other root vegetables like beets or turnips; winter squash like kabocha or butternut or pumpkin; or plantains. Also be sure you're eating enough, and that you're having a serving or two of fat at each meal, usually in addition to whatever oil you cook in.

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"Kill All The Things" is definitely a hard period to cope through, and not just for those around us. I would personally avoid the fruit just because I know it became a reach-for anytime I was feeling snappish... which kept my sugar dragon awake far longer than it should've lasted during that first round (in my 2nd round I skipped fruit totally for the first 2 weeks, not even using it in cooking).

I totally agree with Shannon's suggestions of making sure you're getting enough starchy veggies, and would even say that if there's any chance you're nearing or in "that time of the month" then it might be worth eating boosting intake (either of a macro or across the board) to see if that helps to even you out.

Knocking back a small mini-meal that hits all 3 macros when you feel most likely to bite off heads could be a good way to help your body stabilize blood sugar, also, and it's definitely better than grabbing a piece of fruit by itself.

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