Mentally blah/ depressed

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I've been finding a lot of tips on cravings which hasn't been a huge issue for me. I'm dealing more with the psychological aspect and need some help. Getting bored of being in the house and now I'm sick (again) which prevents me from exercise or outdoor activities. I'm just getting a little stir crazy and want to do something fun. 

I think my anxiety levels have decreased but the monotony has increased my depression. Tips? 

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Things that instantly make me happier when I'm feeling a little blue:

When I'm sick with a cold:

- Napping

- Binging on netflix.  I recommend The Circle on Netflix it is sooo hilarious.

- Taking a relaxing bath, shaving legs, applying moisturizing lotion, doing nails

- Celestial Seasonings fruit sampler tea.  YUM.

- Drinking warm Bone Broth

- Reading inspiring blogs

When I'm healthy:

- Walking on a treadmill while watching favorite Netflix shows 

- Just Dance games on Wii or whatever game system you might have (or go to and you don't need a gaming console)

- Leslie Sansone walking DVDs.  She just makes me so happy!  You might be able to find her videos online.  She is so upbeat without being annoying and nothing about her workouts is hard.  There is walking in place, and a little bit of back and forth and arm movements.  She somehow makes it fun!

- Making extremely tasty recipes from the Well Fed books by Melissa Joulwan.  You can get them on kindle through amazon if you want.


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So sorry to hear you feel under the weather, @nicoleh89. I think being stuck indoors can really bring down your mood. Do you like jigsaw puzzles? They are old-fashioned and sound like a bit of a joke but I have found I get really absorbed in them and it's almost like a mindfulness activity. Nice to do with some music on. 

I am also addicted to podcasts. What sort of hobbies and interests do you have? I listen to about 40 so I'm sure I could recommend something! Or you could try audiobooks?


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So sorry top hear you're ill, Nicole!  when i'm under the weather I definitely take advantage of nap time, and binge watching shows! Some of my TOP shows right now are Big little lies on HBO GO, YOU on Netflix, and Sinner on Netflix! 

I have several soup recipes I have pinned on my Pinterest board if you're interested in following me! Maggie Faramchi.


Feel better soon!  

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28 minutes ago, LydiaJo said:

My daughter and I have go-to depression busters. 

get out of bed

take a shower

put on make up/ or moisturizer

eat protein meal

then if need be, go back to bed and start over LOL 


I really like this! I think I would add "drink 1L water" before the going back to bed part. That way all your basic needs are met every day.


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Hello.  Are you feeling VERY depressed?  If so, you need to contact a doctor or professional.  Don't wait when it comes to mental illness if you are truly depressed.  Now, if you are just using the term but are not "clinically depressed," then I agree that a podcast could be a good thing to do to keep you busy and interested!  Good luck to you!!  :)

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