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Cramping, indigestion, abdominal pain


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I'm on Day 10 of the Whole30, and I feel worse than I did when I wasn't on it. I was a fairly clean eater before and had already cut soy, carrageenan, red meats and chicken, and dairy out of my diet prior to starting (years before). I've been making recipes from the Whole30 book, eating within an hour of waking, eating only compliant food, taking a probiotic daily (which I was doing before the W30) for the last 10 days. 

For the last week, I have been experiencing serious pain in my abdomen and cramping in the morning. It does not go away with food (two fried eggs with oil or ghee for breakfast, some nuts for a snack before lunch). It does not go away with liquids. It does not go away after a bowel movement.

I'm feeling utterly miserable and actually questioning whether this is a good fit for me and my health. Has this occurred with anyone else?

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