2nd Timer, Day 1!

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Hi all! I did this program June 2018 with great results, despite fudging up Day 28 and not choosing to restart. As then as it was now, I had digestive problems, including gassiness and bloating, brain fog, fatigue, strange hiccups, acid reflux, and depression.

I've since undergone a really stressful autumn last year, and I feel like I have no control over my life, in addition to rapid weight gain from binging and overeating and other symptoms of poor eating habits. Last week I had a "I'm tired of this" moments, and started planning for THIS day to take control of my life--at least the part that involves eating.

I've developed strategies for moments when I might feel tempted or weak, and I have the support of my boyfriend who isn't afraid to show me tough love when needed.

Day 1 has been a success, and I look forward to an equally successful 30 days.

Thanks all for reading!

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Hi @amaloretta - so glad you had a good first day! I have also had a terrible year of poor eating habits with lots of overeating, binge/restrict and generally not looking after myself. This has felt like a real investment in my health and I am loving taking the time out to plan my meals and eat really well. I'm on Day 16 and feeling pretty good! 

What's on your menu for the next few days?

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