Whole30 approved Great Value meal, but contains milk?

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Hi, I recently got back on my Whole30 grind after a year.  It's nice to know that there are a lot more prepared food options from a year ago coming from a guy that's mostly on the go.  I had just found out that Walmart now has these frozen microwaveable food bowls available that are super convenient.  But on one of the bowls (not sure if this applies to all the different bowls), after looking at the ingredients, there was a bold text that says "CONTAINS MILK."  I'm aware you can't have dairy on Whole30, so I'm wondering if the milk in this (if it really does contain milk or if this is just a mistake) is Whole30 compliant?  I didn't see that any of the ingredients mention milk, so I was just wondering if this was something Great Value adds on all their boxes since they do have other non-Whole30 prepped meals.



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This is fine for whole30. It has the warning because it contains ghee, which is made from butter. Whole30 allows ghee because the process of making it removes what are thought to be the most problematic parts of the butter, but companies still have to state it contains milk, because if someone is allergic to milk, they could still have a reaction. 

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