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This is going to be blunt & weird, but I must ask! Okay so this is my second attempt at Whole 30. I'm on day 12 (going on 13). I had a bowel movement a couple days ago. Loose stool. Ever since then, I've been having anal itching. I've cleaned & cleaned & cleaned, but still continues to itch. I'm worried it's some type of anal fungal infection, or if this is my body getting rid of any fungus that may have been in my bowels? I'm not sure. Let me know your thoughts!


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I typically start with plain coconut oil (yep, the same kind that I cook with!) and see if that helps to reduce inflammation and itching. If not, I move up to the A&D ointment (you want the gel-type cream, not the pasty one!)... rarely, I've had to use hemorrhoid cream that was medicated, but the coconut oil usually clears up itching for me. Whatever you use, you're just looking to put a little bit on a piece of toilet paper (after you're nice and clean, of course) and wipe it on to cover the affected area.

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3 hours ago, Bueller said:

Thank you guys! Is this happening because of whole 30? I've never had a problem with hemorrhoids before, or anything like this.

That would be really difficult for us to say... It could be a detox reaction or it could just be a coincidence that these two things are happening at the same time.  I hope one of the ideas above helps give you relief!

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It goes away for a few days and then comes back slightly, but nothing like before. It may be the cashews honestly because for a few days I wasn't eating them, & the itchiness went away. Then I ate then yesterday, and it came back , but not as bad. I finished my whole30 today. Now I'm just dealing with extreme bloating still

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Personally, the majority of my issues like this happen when I've gone a bit heavy on legumes (or if I've had peanuts). If there's a food that you've been leaning on heavily for Whole30 that you don't usually eat much (if any) usually, that might be a good thing to test to see if removing it resolves anything... and then you can consider whether or not to completely remove it (either for the duration of a more in-depth elimination test phase or for your continued food journey afterward).

Between the itching and the continued bloat, however, it sounds like there's definitely something in your ongoing diet that your body doesn't like (read: that doesn't treat your body well). Whole30 compliance doesn't necessarily mean that you can personally eat that food without it causing any problems, it's just not in the groups that are removed. I found out during Whole30 that I can't eat a lot of cruciferous veggies (I can have them, but need to make sure I'm not eating a lot at a sitting and/or a lot over the course of a day, and usually try to put a day or two between them cruciferous days now), which was bad because I was using A LOT of them at first. There are quite a few things I've cut almost completely or only have on a rare occasion now, which I know cause me problems personally... and there may be others that are affecting you similarly.

I'd highly recommend you look at the list of cruciferous vegetables and also look into FODMAPs. Cutting cruciferous stuff for a week or two is probably an easier test than eliminating high-FODMAP foods, at least from my own experience and in terms of what those lists contain. Either way, it's probably a good idea to speak with your doctor and get some input from them as well.

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