facing 40-60 days of no kitchen - menu suggestions needed

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Hi, everyone.  I did my Whole30 in March of 2018 and have been doing really well ever since, so I'm super happy with the program and life changes and results and everything.  Next month we are remodeling our kitchen and I will have nothing but a microwave and an instant pot (and I guess other assorted appliances...hmmm...have electric wok!) and "prepping" on our laundry room counter - for almost 2 months.  We will have our refrigerator in the garage.  

So...this is not exactly a hardship situation, and I'm obviously not doing a Whole30 right now, but I'd love some recommendations or your favorite recipes ideas that are simple, one "pot" (stove not required), minimal prep space required (I can figure out cut up raw vegetables and salad and the usual stuff that I eat when I travel - but those are going to get old fast).  I'm not going to let this situation put us into unhealthy eating.  You are already being helpful by just being here so I could type this and remember the wok! :)  

Ready, go!

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Soup or stew in tha instapot would be pretty easy and makes a whole meal. Whole chickens are easy to do in it. The wok is a good way to do vegetables.

I'd probably hit up some thrift stores and look for a Foreman grill or electric griddle/skillet to cook burger patties or steaks or chicken on, just for an easy way to cook those. It also would be good for eggs, which I know you can technically do in a microwave, but they're just not quite the same. If you live where it's not too cold, and you have an outdoor grill, that could be another option too.

It might be worth looking for frozen meals or pre-made meals, for days when you don't have the time or energy to deal with it. 

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Not quite the answer to the question you asked, but maybe the answer you actually need:

Go to a camping store and buy a single burner gas stove like this and a 9 kg (20 lb) gas bottle (or hire the gas bottle). The smaller size gas bottle won't work with this type of burner because the valve faces sideways instead of straight up, It also needs to go on a low table or stand because of the height of the gas bottle between the table and the burner.

[When my stove died I raided my camping gear and found it this works admirably—this type of burner seems to be able to cook better than the multi-burner gas stoves].



Single Burner Gas Stove.jpg

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Thanks, W30'ers!  I'm trying to stay away from frozen meals because it's so hard to find anything that tastes decent (to my post W30 tastebuds).  I will rely on my wok and instant pot (we do have a grill so when it's not to windy/cold we can slink out there). We will treat it as an adventure.  Thanks for the responses.


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