Did I eat something bad?


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Hi all,

I went out to eat with some friends and think I might have eaten something non-compliant.  I talked to the waitress and asked her about the ingredients used to make their pork chop and asked that they refrain from using butter.  She said that wouldn't be a problem and so I thought I was in the clear. 

After eating what I thought was a compliant meal, my stomach started cramping and bloating.  I'm on day 15 and haven't experienced this type of pain since I started. 

Do you think they still used butter?  Did I eat something non-compliant and that's what caused this?



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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

You definitely ate something that didn't agree with you! Hopefully you are feeling better today. Unfortunately, unless you call the restaurant and ask exactly what is in the pork chops, you won't know what the offending ingredient was. Take it easy today, drink lots of water, eat Whole30. Take note of any symptoms you're having so when you enter reintroduction, you may be able to match these up when you reintroduce dairy.

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