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New to this - 5 days in


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So, I know this post is coming in a little late... but to be honest, at first I wasn't exactly sure the whole30 was going to work out for me.

Growing up I was always extremely overweight and out of shape. But then when I hit my twenties I made a life change and started working out hardcore and trying to eat right- well, what I thought was right- with these activities I began running obstacle marathons and mostly training towards that as a goal.

Currently within the last year I completed- Warrior Dash, Spartan run, and Tough Mudder...

I have been completely proud of my progress as far as my fitness is concerned and I am always on the look out for new programs.

Cut to the whole30...

This challenge was given to me by my sister as she is a nutritional specialist and she had become concerned with the sports supplements i was using with my training... most of which are high in sugars and caffeine... so after reading over the website I decided to commit myself for January.

The first day, things went great- and here is where my doubts began- But day two and three, were like the worst hangovers I had ever experienced headache, body ache, fatigue... by the end of yesterday I was ready to squash the whole deal... I mean I had read there was a hump to get over, but its different reading and living through it.

I'm glad I stuck in through the trench, because this morning I woke up feeling better then I have in a few weeks... my morning run- which I had grown to dread the last few days- seemed to breeze by. And honestly I just felt damn good most of the day.

If things keep going like this, I'm very excited to see what the rest of the month has in store.

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