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Has anyone found chewing gum has actually affected their whole30? My husband is the only one in the family who's not greeting any reduction in how hungry he is between meals but he won't stop chewing gum & I think that could be what's messing him up? We're on day 11 but no matter how much he eats at meals he still says he gets hungry in between. Any thoughts? 

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Chewing on something tells the brain to tell the stomach to get ready to start digesting. When you're chewing and not giving the stomach anything to do, it gets confused. 

Gum also just plain ol' isn't allowed on Whole30. Tell him to ditch the gum. 

Gum: No

All chewing gums contain some form of added sweeteners (including xylitol) that aren’t acceptable under Whole30 guidelines.

Tip: Chewing sends a message to your body that food is coming. If you spend a lot of time chewing, but not eating, your body is going to get quite confused in its responses. Consider brushing your teeth more frequently or chewing on mint leaves or fennel seeds as a fresh-breath alternative. See our 9 Fresh-Breath Strategies for more ideas. 

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