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Wondering about compliance of a few items...


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Hello! I work at a place that is doing a big Whole30 push, and I'm one of two people predominantly responsible for preparing food there.  Was wondering if the following were okay - cacao nibs, freeze-dried green beans, banana chips, coconut yogurt, cashew cheese.... I guess that's all i can think of at the moment.  I would of course be preparing all of these things from scratch - no pre-packaged anything (with the exception of the green beans, which i already suspect are not allowed as they are, in essence, a "chip" - but i promised someone I would ask). Any information anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Cacao nibs - okay if used in something savory... not okay for a chocolate replacement in a trail mix or similar.

Freeze dried green beans - I'd call these chips... I think they're probably a grey area but having said that, there is so much food and choices that are firmly NOT in a grey area that it seems that these would be fine if left out for 30 days :) 

Banana chips - if you make them at home then sure but they're going to be a really high in sugar 'snack' that probably won't serve you well

Coconut Yogurt - yes, if you make it yourself and then ideally use it for something like a baked potato topping or in a curry.  Eating in in replacement of dairy yogurt to replace a breakfast food item would be against our recommendations and really towing the line on SWYPO.

Cashew Cheese - Yes, but we really recommend people keep a handle on how much nuts and nut products they're eating because they can be really hard on the stomach and keep the sugar dragon alive so I guess I'd ask myself what I was using this 'cheese' for and if it was serving me in the long run.

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