Mixed Nuts with Peanuts

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I know I can't have peanuts, but I was at an event that had mixed nuts.   Can I eat mixed nuts and just give the peanuts to my hubby or is that too much cross contamination?  I also have some cans of mixed nuts at home and am wondering if I can do the same, pick out the peanuts and put them in a jar for hubby and eat the complaint nuts.   


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I don't know about cross contamination, but a lot of the mixed nuts that I looked at included peanut oil or vegetable oil (which includes soybean oil). Even a lot of the containers  for other types of snacking nuts, like cashews or almonds, included one of these oils. For that reason, I would avoid them unless you can read the label and make sure there's nothing else included.

I had much better luck finding nuts down the baking aisle (they are not roasted and don't have the oil).

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