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Caroline's first Whole30 (start 1/7)


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I really wanted to keep a log here, but now I've run out of time for the day. I am keeping a detailed record of my Whole30 experience on my blog, My Fascinating Life (http://carolinecalcote.com).

I'll just post a quick note to get my log thread started on Day 1! So far so good. I think I was totally compliant today. So far I feel okay, but I think I ate too much at dinner. I'm feeling kind of stuffed. It was just so good! I made the chicken with mushrooms from Paleo Comfort Foods (subbing out the sherry for a little apple cider vinegar, so it was compliant). I'll attach a picture of that and my other food from today.

I also feel like a slacker because I didn't do the "goals" assignment, and I didn't take a starting weight or measurements. Maybe I'll weigh in tomorrow and consider that my "before" weight. I still would like to do the goals worksheet if I can find the time. Now that the holidays are over and the kids are back to school and their many activities, the day just disappears so quickly.

I know that most people feel good on day one, so I'm not surprised. I was extremely indulgent in both food and alcohol over the last month, so I have no illusions of escaping the carb flu. I'm trying to brace myself. Gah.

Meal 1:


Meal 2:


Meal 3:


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Almost done with Day 3. So far, no serious carb flu. Just a very mild headache, which is not really painful, just nagging. I feel pretty good. I have been getting hungry before my next meal, but I guess that is what's supposed to happen when it's time for the next meal.

Some surprises...my biggest craving has been soda. Also, how hard it is to find sugar-free bacon, and all of the talk about it on the forums. I finally figured out that the low sodium bacon (most varieties and pretty common) have no added sugar. Of course it's not organic and pastured, but according to the moderators it is technically compliant. I KNOW that the Bacon Manifesto Whole9blog post says that they recommend only eating organic and pastured pork, but they make a point multiple times in the forums that recommendations do not equal RULES. Following the rules means you are Whole 30 compliant. Following the recommendations is good (and I'm trying to follow all the ones that work for me), but they are not deal-breakers.

I think it's funny how there are so many "experts" on the forums, even when they do not agree with the moderators. I love hearing about other W30 participant's experiences and getting tips, but as for whether something is compliant or not, I'm only listening to the moderators and ISWF. I'm not trying to have THE MOST PERFECT WHOLE 30 EVER!!!! I'm just trying to have a compliant Whole30.

I still haven't completed the goals worksheet, but I still plan to. Also, I finally weighed in this morning so I'd have a "before" weight. I keep meaning to take a waist measurement also. Why do these things escape me? I just can't think straight first thing in the morning which is when I want to weigh and take measurements.

My detailed Day 2 recap including photos of all of my food can be found on my blog here: http://carolinecalcote.com/2013/01/09/whole30-day-2/

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So Day 3 and Day 4 are in the bag. Day 4 was the worst headache, but only when I first woke up. After I ate and worked out, I felt much better. Seems like my Diet Coke cravings are receding. I'm not thinking about it every meal like I was the first couple of days.

So far today on Day 5...no headache!

I have still been feeling hungry before the next meals, but again I'm guessing that is normal. I know that my overall calories have been cut dramatically from what I was eating over the holidays, despite all the meat and healthy fats. That's a good thing! I know my body is just adjusting.

My energy levels seems good. I've gone back to the gym this week after a few weeks off as well and I think that is helping me to feel better also, even with sore muscles (which I like).

I have run into the "but the cholesterol! all those eggs can't be good for you!" thing with friends. I just tell them they should read ISWF and that many things I have read have said that eggs do not raise your cholesterol (nor does other dietary cholesterol). It's crazy how the whole culture is so misinformed about how diet affects cholesterol and other things, as I was until I decided to really educate myself.

Detailed breakdowns of all my meals and how I've been feeling can be found on my blog at:

Day 3: http://carolinecalcote.com/2013/01/10/whole30-day-3/

Day 4: http://carolinecalcote.com/2013/01/11/whole30-day-4/

Still hanging in there!

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Day 5 and Day 6 went really well. I felt good and had no headache. My hunger seems to be waning as well. I'm not thinking about Diet Cokes constantly. As far as I know, I've been totally compliant. Details here:

Day 5: http://carolinecalcote.com/2013/01/12/whole-30-day-5/

Day 6: http://carolinecalcote.com/2013/01/13/whole30-day-6/

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