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I have been struggling with digestive issues (pain, bloating, etc.) for over a year. I’ve had an essentially negative work up by my physician, except a lab test that was weakly positive for gluten intolerance. They did a biopsy of the small intestine to check for celiac and it was negative. I’m going to try whole 30 to see if it helps any of my issues but I don’t know whether I should restrict the high FODMAP foods or not. I haven’t been diagnosed with IBS or any other condition but wonder if I would benefit from restricting the high FODMAPS. It sounds even harder than the basic whole 30 so I worry it will be discouraging to be even more limited than I first thought. I do plan to cut out coffee either way. Thanks for the input!

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Generally, we recommend starting with just the whole30 as written, without any further restrictions unless there's something you know you have an issue with. I would recommend keeping a food log and noting any symptoms you experience, so you can see if there's a correlation between what you're eating and any problems you have, and then if you notice something is worse when you eat high FODMAP foods, it might be worth reducing or eliminating them.

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