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Always Nauseated from Day 12 On


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Apologies for gross references to body functions:

5ft 2in female, 28yrs old. I'm currently on D12 of my 4th Whole30 in about 4 years, not counting other times I've started and stopped (I've started a few addition rounds and ended up quitting because of this nausea issue). I have a pretty sensitive stomach to begin with (can't take multivitamins or eat certain foods, including ginger and often eggs, without vomiting, and I'm often nauseated in the morning), but around day 11-12 of my Whole30 I always completely lose my appetite and get nauseated to the point that it impairs my function. A few times in past rounds this has caused me to quit around the third week because I couldn't keep food down and was getting weak/ joint pain from lack of nutrition. Yesterday morning it started up again, like clockwork. Peppermint tea or Kombucha will sometimes help, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything this time. 

My eating schedule is as follows:

Breakfast: Usually 1 or 2 compliant chicken sausages, a green vegetable (1-2 cups), half a sweet potato. OR Sweet potato and compliant corned beef hash. The last couple days I added a smoothie (I know, bad me) into the rotation because it was easier to stomach--unsweetened almond milk (compliant, I checked), berries, banana, and kale.

Lunch: either dinner leftovers or a 6oz turkey patty (97% lean) with steamed veggies (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots)--olive or coconut oil drizzle and salt.

Snack: apple and dry almonds or walnuts if needed

Dinner: Usually a baked chicken breast with a kale/ cabbage/ carrot salad, compliant dressing, or steamed green veggies & roasted beets or sweet potato, or occasionally a piece of beef with the same veggies. 

I also drink lots of water all day, and I'm trying to stay clear of white potatoes this time around because they've been a crutch in my past rounds.

I'm starting to think the Whole30 might just not work for me. While I lose some weight each time (not surprising with all the vomiting), I don't experience many NSVs and I've only had anything close to Tiger Blood once. I've had bloodwork done and have no underlying medical conditions apart from a recent endometriosis diagnosis, which my doctor said could be helped by eliminating gluten and dairy from my diet (hence round 4 of Whole30). I find it difficult to believe that a diet of lean meat, fruits, veggies, and healthy fats is bad for me, but I frankly don't have time to spend the next 2.5 weeks throwing up every time I eat and dealing with the weakness and migraines that go with it. 

Might throw in the towel, but hoping for suggestions!

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Sorry you are having this issue. It seems you could be a little low on the fats, try upping that a bit and see how it sits. Do you feel you are eating enough, ie can you go 4-5 hours before you feel hungry, or do you regularly need a snack? 

Another thing to try - not drinking right before, during, and right after your meal to allow for better digestion.

Hope you feel better soon.

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