New Round of W30 starting January 20, 2020

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I have been thinking about doing another round of W30 for the last couple months, but wasn't really ready to give up the foods I'm eating that are making me feel like sh*t both mentally and physically.  

I have done 2 rounds with a lot of success.  I have made (I think) 3-4 attempts, with the last being 2 years ago.  Except the last time I tracked my food and weighed myself, so I wasn't really following all the rules.  I think I made it 20 days before I ate non W30 food.  

I'm ready now.  I've punished myself with food long enough.  I'm ready for the clarity and all the goodness that comes with W30!  

Today I am:

  • going through my fridge/freezer/pantry
  • Making a meal plan for week 1
  • Grocery shopping

Tomorrow I will food prep and do all other Day Zero work.  

I'm so ready to start this. 

If anyone else is starting on 1/20 - let me know!  I'd love to have someone to chat with who is on the same day as I am!  

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I love reading this post!! It sounds like you are really getting clear on what didn't work on your last few attempts (and what did-- you made it 20 days!), and it sounds like you're getting in touch with your why. All of your prepping is setting you up for a strong start. Do you have the book "Whole30 Day by Day?" Many people find it to be a great help as they go through their W30 and reintroduction as a place to find a daily pep talk and a place to track your own NSVs and experience. It's definitely not a requirement, but so many people find it helpful, I wanted to mention it!

I know you were looking for people starting on January 20; I actually started this W30 on January 13, so a little ahead of the 20th, but I wanted to respond to encourage you. Please keep checking in. You got this!

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Thank you for replying!

I do have the Day by Day book!  I used it on the last round (2 years ago), so I'm going through and making it so I can write in it again.  I'm re-reading It Starts with Food and have 2 other W30 books arriving today. :)   I know learning how to change my eating habits for good is the solution to so much in my life.  I am so ready to make it happen for good this time. 

My most successful round of Whole 30 (I went 47 days) was back at the end of 2015 through the beginning of 2016.  I really changed my life back then.  I'm in desperate need of getting all this processed food out of my system for my mind, body and soul.  I am even considering staying Paleo afterwards.  

What I need to do better is reintroducing foods after W30.  But one step at a time.  :)


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Sounds like we are in the same place.   I've done whole30 before and felt so good, but it's been a few years since I did it right.   I had decided to start on the 20th myself so your post caught my attention.   You can do this.   

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