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I realize that it has only been four days, so my title is probably misleading, but I am not one for not eating what I "want", and being mindful of calories. I have found though, that even going to boot camp 3 - 5 days a week and watching calories, it has been very difficult to shed weight and I really want to lose some LBS. My sister-in-law mentioned that she and her daughter did this and she had a lot of success and she looks fabulous, hence my 'foray' into the Whole30!

The hubs and I went out last night, to one of our local "haunts", which, of course, is a brew pub. Mind you, this girl loves her hoppy (high alcohol) brews. I held strong and drank water with lemon and lime while the hubs drank some of my favorite IPAs.

I had a salad, hold the cheese, croutons and dressing, please! I also had naked chicken wings (bleu cheese or ranch? neither, thanks, but I will take extra celery and carrots). Hope the chicken wings were not a no-no, but I knew that it would be easier to make sure there was no added unknown 'stuff' as opposed to a steak, breast or burger. 

I did not have as much of a 'yearning' for something (bread, cheese, crackers!) yesterday and so far today as I did the first two days and I do not feel hungry, per se. 

Last night was a tough one, but it probably helped that I had made a yummy casserole late morning. This is adapted from the 'Starter Kit' recipes. I used spinach instead of kale (that is what I had on hand) and added Brussels sprouts. Shared with the fam; the man-child is "not a fan of spinach", which he mentioned after every bite and the hubs, "of course you are putting Brussel sprouts in another wise perfect dish", but they both ate it!

Day Four, I am making something with a beef roast and lots of veggies. I am also going to the grocery to pick up a few items. The nice thing is that this eating 'plan' is not that far off from our typical eating style, so I can make meals that are compliant and the hubs and man-child can add the restricted items to their plates as they wish!

Carry on and Eat Whole 30!

Whole30 Day 3 Brunch.jpg

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Good job Pep!  Yeah I totally miss my beer :::sigh:::: but hanging tough on day 7 with no intention of cheating.  The eggs dish above looks really yummy. I applaud you making it work at the Brewpub.  Hubby is doing this with me (thank the heavens) so we have decided to just stay in and cook.  

Best wishes!


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Thank you for your words of encouragement. Good for you both; it helps to have a partner! The hubs is eating the food, and whatever else he wants and my friends are even being helpful with not encouraging me to cheat, so on I go...without beer :D

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Just wondering what this L. Hop Refreshers is made from? My go to drink is compliant Kombucha. Yesterday I was having a bad day and really wanted chocolate. I have come to realize that i use sweets as a crutch-more than i realized! I had some almond butter instead.  Not good to eat it while under stress, but i will have to work on that issue.

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