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On day 9 in snowy north

Mystic lady

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This morning I had a good breakfast.  Poached eggs salmon and hollandaise sauce on bed of lettuce.  

then I tried to make mayonnaise and it did not emulsify. Tried again still did not work.  Give up for now so opened a mayo I found at grocery store that was compliant.  

headache today and feet are cold. Been eating lots with lemon so suspect that is part of headache. Detox. 

for lunch went with protein salad (avacado mayo, tuna, onions, dill pickles (compliant for no sugar or additives), and grapes on bed of romance lettuce.

tonight going to make brisket with yams on side. 

And yes I have been drinking water. Although I am sure could always be drinking more. 

I will be going outside after lunch to plow snow. Hope fresh air will help with headache.  It is just a dull ache. 

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