Starting Jan. 20 with Anxiety/Depression

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Hello.  I am starting the Whole30 today (Monday, January 20) after weeks of planning.  I decided to go on the Whole30 because I am very overweight.  I'd like to blame my depression and anxiety medications for the weight gain, but it's more than that.  After reading many stories from others, I'm thinking that getting more in-control of my life AND getting healthier will help with my depression and anxiety.  I do believe strongly in inflammatory conditions causing many of our issues and I think that depression/anxiety are only made worse by bad diet and inflammation.  I hope that I can do this and maybe even lower my meds (after the program and, of course, with a doctor's recommendation).  Anyone starting today and/or doing the program with anxiety/depression?

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Hello Maria!  I have struggled with depression in the past (I was on six different meds at the same time about five years ago) and I commend you for starting this program!  I went to a functional medicine doctor to help me get control of my eating/depression and it helped so much!  I do not take any medication right now and have found ways to deal with my depression triggers.  Some ways are spiritual (I am a Christian) and some are dietary.  I'm starting Whole30 to get back in the driver's seat with my diet.  I've gained about 20 pounds just in the last six months and I can't let this get out of control again.  Give me a shout if you need words of encouragement or want to vent with someone who understands how overpowering it can be to be under the cloud of depression.  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!  

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Hi @Maria45, I have had issues with depression/anxiety in the past and lots of disordered eating. To be honest I think just making the commitment to a plan like this and dedicating some time to yourself and your health is already a huge step forward in improving your mood and mental health. Our lives are so busy and hectic nowadays that self care is always at the bottom of the list, so this is a good way to take care of yourself and your needs. I know my disordered eating is a symptom of emotional distress so it all ties together. I have found that cutting out sugar and junk food completely seems to have broken a nasty cycle of cravings and overeating so I reckon there's something in that.

I've also been doing the 10 Minute Mind for a few months and really recommend a meditation programme like that, or Headspace. Again, it's just taking time out for yourself and saying "I deserve to take care of myself and do this thing". It's a step towards being kinder to yourself instead of going down a spiral of negative self-talk.


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