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Started Whole30 for the first time Jan 20!


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Hello Whole30 Forum folks!  I am a 51 year old high school science teacher.  I've battled with my weight ever since our first child was born in 1995; gaining and losing probably hundreds of pounds over the years.  I've been to a functional medicine doctor who has taught me how to choose anti-inflammatory foods (I've been low-gluten for about three years) to fight weight gain, bloat, brain fog, and fatigue.  I'm starting Whole30 to jump start a re-commitment to eating and drinking healthfully again.  Being a teacher with lots of extra stress all of a sudden (ill family members, potential job change, etc.) caused me to fall back into my deep-seated habit of using comfort food and wine to calm my nerves.  This has led to a 20 pound weight gain in the past 6 months, dramatic increase in fatigue and brain fog, swelling of my ankles and hands, and a bad cycle of using Diet Coke to keep my awake on my long commute home every day.  I'd like to connect with others who are starting the Whole30 program around this time to ask about symptoms, struggles, and ideas for meals.  I need structure when it comes to food and drink!  I'd also like to finally address why I depend on food and wine so much for comfort.  Here's to a great 30 days of healthful choices!!!!!

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