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Day Six!


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What happened to negative peer pressure??? Are my friends and I too old for that now? Case in point, my hairdresser and I were supposed to go to happy hour after she finished my hair last night and I was MORE than ready to cheat, for her, LOL - well, not happening. She was encouraging of my eating plan and would have no part in being the reason for me cheating! Dang.

I am struggling with the 'three meals a day' concept. That is not how I eat, per se. Normally, I like to eat smaller amounts more frequently (always being mindful of the food type/quantity/calories), so still working on achieving the three squares...I am really going to work hard and try to eat only three meals today. I also don't eat before boot camp - coffee yes, food no. I guess I could count that as a meal/snack so I could eat four times a day 

Fortunately, I did not have to shop to start this eating plan and have been able to eat what I had on hand for the first five days. I went to the grocery yesterday to pick up a few items I don't normally have on hand e.g., compliant coconut milk, coconut flakes, Ghee. I feel like I am eating/adding a lot more fat to my diet than usual, albeit good fat, like EVOO, on my salads and wanted to see if I could find an alternative to use occasionally as well.

We have this great, HUGE Pan-Asia grocery near by, so I browsed the aisles, read the labels and picked up some other items that I thought might be yummy AND compliant for condiments/sauce/dressing. I found a green chile chutney and coconut chutney, with very few ingredients and 0 - 3g fat, 0g sugars. I'll let you know how they work out. This store also has a great selection fresh fish and seafood, so I picked up some shrimp for coconut shrimp, which I will definitely make again.

Sunday apps and dinner (my plate does NOT have peas on it) - we had coconut shrimp as an appetizer since dinner was running late and beef tenderloin that I adapted the recipe from the Coffee au Poivre Steaks with spiral potatoes. I did not use the coffee, just the pepper. I also discovered that I do not have a spiralizer that works on potatoes (it could be user error), but just in case, I think a trip to BBB with one of my 20% off coupons is in order!


Whole30 Day 4 Apps.jpg

Whole30 Day 4 Dinner.jpg

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