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So we've only made it a third of the way through, but I have to brag on my husband. He was reluctant to do this with me in the first place, but is now more determined than I am to finish this and keep eating clean after! I've been logging my food intake as part of my weight loss plan for months now, so this wasn't a huge eating change for me (cutting out beans, dairy and grains were the biggest ones). Hubby- not so much. When we actually tracked his normal food intake the week before we started Whole 30 and compared it to what he eats now he was shocked!

He has cut more than 3,000 calories, 500 g of sugar, 600 g of carbs, 80 g of fat and 3,000 mg of sodium PER DAY!!!

He's already wearing shirts that are one size smaller and had to start wearing a belt!

We saved $100 last week just from him packing his lunch/snacks instead of eating out of the vending machines at work and stopping for fast food on his way home!

He sleeps even deeper than he did before, is in a better mood and has better focus at work!

Not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous. lol. All I've noticed so far is a change in my bathroom habits and an aversion to anything that smells sweet. When I was in the grocery store this weekend the bakery had something in the ovens and it made me nauseous.

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Congratulations you two! Those are amazing results for only 10 (?) days in! Men generally lose weight faster than women (boo!) but as long as it keeps him motivated, don't let it discourage you! Women tend to see more skin, hormone and mood results (glowing skin, less breakouts, less PMS symptoms, less irritable, etc). Focus on your NSV and keep on rockin' your Whole30!

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On 1/21/2020 at 11:47 AM, CrystalSanderson said:

so this wasn't a huge eating change for me (cutting out beans, dairy and grains were the biggest ones). Hubby- not so much.

You said it yourself, you had already been making changes in your own life, where as his changes were drastic, which is why his results seem more drastic.  Don’t discount all the hard work and changes you have seen in yourself just because they were before your whole 30.  Maybe think back to when you started making changes and take inventory of your NSV you may find your results are also drastic, you just didn’t notice them due to other distractions.  You both are doing great keep cheering each other on.

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