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Starting reinto days before going on a week long trip.. help!


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First off, congratulations on your progress so far!! It's so important to have a plan, and you're already planning ahead for your reintroduction-- Brava! 

You don't say how long  you will be away, where you are going, or where you are staying. All of those things will help inform your choices. If you're visiting an English speaking place (or somewhere with a language you read/ understand) label reading will be easier. If you're staying with friends or in an AirBnb, food prep will be easier. Also, I'm curious about traditional cuisine where you are going, and if that is an interest of yours? So many factors come into play when traveling! Also, I'm curious if there are foods that you are planning to reintroduce that you think are likely to be problematic (based on past experience)? Considering these scenarios will help you prepare.

Right now I can offer these tips:

1) Plan like you're still on W30 because you really are; this means bring compliant meals/snacks with you when traveling, and have a plan for your first few meals when you arrive at your destination.

2) If there is a food or food category which you think may be problematic, do not reintroduce while you're traveling! No time for an upset stomach.

3) If there is a special dish where you're traveling or restaurant you're dying to try, do some investigating, and plan how you can incorporate into your W30 reintroduction. It isn't always possible, but you won't know without researching.

4) If it's easier not making a bunch of decisions while you're away, and you're staying somewhere where it's do-able, you can always stay on your W30, and start reintro when you're back on home ground where you control the food!!

Here's an article that offers further tips and insights.    https://whole30.com/reintroduction-prep/


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Hi there! I will be in Greece for 6 days. We'll be staying in a hotel. I am worried most about reintroducing dairy/gluten. I will try to stick to Whole30 as much as possible but also don't want to deprive myself of the amazing food there! Thanks for the tips and resources!! :)


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