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I’m on Day 23 of my second Whole 30 (first being 7 years ago). It’s been a very different experience this time around, I’ve had far fewer cravings but also have yet to experience “tiger blood.”  The thing I’ve noticed most is that while I’m not craving food itself, I really miss the “joy” of food - looking forward to a special meal with friends, or the satisfaction of the texture of an amazing chocolate chip cookie. I guess it’s a good thing to recognize that those feelings are as much of an addiction as the actual sugar, but harder to know how to transition the emotions over the longer term to continue the healthier eating. 


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Congratulations on making it to day 23 with fewer food cravings!  Your post immediately made me think of Melissa Urban's Whole30 email that came this morning. Maybe you've already read it, but if you haven't, I recommend it for some day 23 insight!  (this link seems glitchy- if it doesn't open, copy and paste and it will get you there!)

As far as special meals with friends, is it the food you're craving or the conversation and community? If you're not sure about eating at a friend's house or a restaurant and still staying compliant, can you host and serve a yummy Whole30 meal? (There are a MILLION recipes online and in the Whole30 and W30 approved cookbooks :)), or, can you meet friends at Chipotle for a casual get together where everyone can get what they like? 

Also, looking forward, I cannot recommend Food Freedom Forever enough! Amazing chocolate chip cookies can be part of YOUR food freedom once you've figured out which foods work for you, and in what quantities at what times. And, as you said, those feelings are wrapped up in bigger emotions and habits and yearnings. You can learn so much about what works for you and what foods are "worth it" by doing a methodical reintroduction and by incorporating the ideas of food freedom into your life.

You are giving yourself a wonderful gift by taking the time for this "self experiment" and time to reflect on your habits around food. You sound incredibly insightful and motivated. You have this!

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@nikkitalks I'm with you - I am on day 29 and no tiger blood. I have been trying to manage my expectations so as not to feel too disappointed, but it's hard when you have made an effort for a month. I keep telling myself that even if I don't feel a load of benefits I certainly haven't done myself any harm by eating whole foods for all this time and cutting out rubbish. But it's a bit tough. 

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@JaiGT I can relate! I just completed my fourth round and I've come to realize that I'm just not very sensitive to foods. I don't experience anything on the timeline, I never felt any dramatic changes in energy or sleep or mood, and I've only ever been minimally affected by foods after reintroductions. I was honestly disappointed after my first Whole30. It took going back to my poor eating habits and losing all the subtle gains I hadn't even fully noticed to appreciate them. But they were there for me! My mild join pain goes away. I don't have my 3:00 p.m. sleepy slump. And the list goes on. It's just very subtle. All those subtle things though add up to quite a bit once you lose them all! 

So yes, I can relate. :-) And I hope this helps! 

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