Lots of Energy but Dark Circles?


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My husband and I are 2 weeks in and we feel great! Lots of energy, clearer skin, but I’ve noticed that we both have dark circles under our eyes. Noticeable without my make-up.

Does this happen at first to some people on the Whole30? I thought it might be part of my body adjusting! I hope that they go away.


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Hi, I know this was a bit ago but maybe I can help someone w/ the same issues reading this.

I have hereditary dark circles and have been doing a lot of eliminations and experiments to see what makes them better. Of course, sleep is often cited as a factor, and another way to reduce eye strain is to have blue light blocking glasses if you're on screens for periods of time.

Another factor, at least for me is meat intake. When I did keto and was eating a LOT of meat, my circles went crazy dark. I looked so sleep deprived despite getting 7-9 hrs on point. I noticed a lot of people posting their meal plans have meat/eggs at every meal, and I know whole30 makes it hard because some vegan proteins are off rules. But finding higher quality meat can help too. (i.e. Pastured). I personally don't see the point of having eggs if they aren't good source because the chickens were most likely fed corn or soy. I've been filling in some protein on my meat-free meals with coconut, almonds olives, tahini. It's probably not as much protein as most are used to, but I pile the veggies high and was eating meat just a few times a week before starting.

I think the dark circles also has to do with liver detox so it could also be a "it gets worse before it gets better" scenario from flushing out processed ingredients through the blood/liver.



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