Chipotle problem!!

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PLEASE be careful when going to Chipotle.  My husband picked up Chipotle for me last night and asked for one of the Whole30 bowls.  Luckily, I noticed that it did not look like the pictures on the website.  I called and talked to the manager who confirmed that the salsa was not included, the guacamole was not included, they gave me a salad dressing that was not compliant(!!), and they were not sure if the meat was Whole30 compliant either.

Please talk to the manager when you enter Chipotle and ask lots of questions about what you are getting... or don't risk it at all.  The manager has my name down for a free meal when I go there again, but I'm not sure that it's worth having to go back to Day 1 because someone screwed up my order.  Be careful!

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For anyone unsure exactly what is and isn't compliant at Chipotle, you can review that here:

Remember that in the restaurant, you can't necessarily just say you want the Whole30 bowl, they may or may not know what that is, though that option is apparently available on the app or website. If you go in and order, check the link above and specify each ingredient that you want in your bowl.

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Have you seen Chipotle's web site?!  :wub:  Under Allergens and Special Diets, click on Special Diets and there is a Whole30 column!  Sorry if this isn't new news, but it was such a wonderful thing to see for me. :)  I would not have known if sugar was a part of any seasoning/marinade and probably not joined in the Chipotle dinner with friends.  Instead, I just went down the list and ordered the approved ingredients!  

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