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Driving from Florida to Michigan need Whole30 restaurant options


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Your best bet may be to look up restaurants along your route or in cities you plan to stop in and research them before you leave so you have a plan. Just "between Florida and Michigan" doesn't narrow things down much. If you knew a specific city or town you were planning to stop in, someone here *might* have suggestions. 

If you check out the downloads available here: https://whole30.com/pdf-downloads/, the dining guide has tips for choosing restaurants and the travel guide has tips for traveling while on whole30. If you're at all interested in packing any of your meals in a cooler to carry with you, this article may be helpful:  https://whole30.com/in-the-wild-1/.

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Breakfast places worked really, really well for me when I was traveling. It wasn't typically any issue for them to toss a piece of foil down on the grill to keep my eggs and/or meat separate from anyone else's food, and they were all willing to use olive oil (or canola, for those places that didn't have it). Fresh vegetables gave me a huge variety of options for mixing it up with omelets, which were quite yummy even without cheese. Fresh fruit was sometimes available, also.

For meals later in the day, shoot for steak, grilled chicken, or grilled fish -- all of these can be cooked on foil (like the eggs) and most places are willing to work with anyone who has food allergies... I would tell them I wasn't allergic but was on an elimination diet to help determine sensitivities, never had a problem.

If you can find a place that does Mongolian barbecue or something similar, where you pick your food to put in a bowl and they cook that food specifically for you, that works very well also since you can customize your meal quite easily that way.

The one thing I will say is to avoid fast food places unless you're just getting salads or fresh fruit cups. Many do offer a grilled option for things like chicken, but it's not worth risking that they've marinated it in something not compliant (and even the burgers weren't something I wanted to risk on my own rounds).

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3 minutes ago, Ktinegv said:

Chick-fil-A naked chicken bites.  Take a bottle of the primal salad dressings. Get salads but use your own dressing. Gas stations often have boiled eggs, and nuts and fruit. That’s my idea.  I like taking cutie oranges on trips. 

What are "naked chicken bites"? I couldn't find anything like that on my local restaurant's online menu.

If you're referring to grilled nuggets without any of their sauce, that's unfortunately not compliant regardless of what sauce you use. I discovered this myself when I decided to look up the ingredients one day while we were having lunch. The grilled nuggets are made with soybean oil, modified corn starch, sugar, and cane molasses... none of which are allowed on W30. The only thing I found at my local CFA that was compliant was the fruit bowl and a side salad (without meat); the entree-type salads all have ingredients that are not compliant, and these are typically pre-made with most of the non-compliant bits in them. There is a new (to me) "kale crunch" side salad available at my local restaurant, which would be compliant if you skip the dressing (but it looks like it's tossed in it when you get it, not positive).

Grabbing boiled eggs and the like is a great idea. You can start the trip with some boiled at home, and then run into grocery stores along the way to pick up more stuff as you go. While gas stations do typically have this type of thing, you're likely to pay more there than you would at a grocery store, so I'd opt for the latter if it's available (if you're driving along the interstate then you're bound to see at least some Wal-Marts along the way, if nothing else!).

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