Tomorrow is my first day!

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Hey, this isn't my first Whole30 however, I am believing it will be the first time I will complete is successfully.  Healthy eating isn't new to me but stress and many life changes have caused me to fall into a rut with food.  Eating too much and making poor choices, I've gained quite a lot of weight and I'd like to get it all back under control.  Looking forward to meeting others along the way!

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Good luck! I'm day 1 of round 3 today, W30 literally changed my life last year, put an end to chronic migraines which caused permanent vertigo. But, as happens, I slipped further and further and ended up back where I started, vertigo and weight gain included. Remember to journal how you're feeling, it makes it so much easier to be able to go back and really appreciate the differences. 

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Thanks guys, I am looking forward to all the positive changes I will see through this.  Notgonnalie, I'm mostly hoping for weightloss.  However, entering perimenopause, I hope for hormone balance to ease these transition years.  I'm also hoping to hone in on my body's cues since hunger and fullness aren't real easy to recognize at the moment.

Schrodinger'sCat wow, you noticed a huge difference with pain, that's awesome!  I wish my mom would be willing to be on board with this.  She deals with arthritic pain so much and has had surgery on both hands and feet as a result. The pain really isn't any better unfortunately. 

Littleyellowdiary that's awesome you're extending it for another full month!  I can see myself doing this as well, once I'm in the groove. 

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Hi!  I started my second Whole30 on Tuesday too. After my first one two years ago, I felt so good that I had planned to do another one. Then I developed kidney stones and got scared because some of the food I had been eating causes stones.  This time I am going to drink a lot more water!

Maybe ask your mom to consider just dropping gluten for now. My parents stopped eating gluten after reading it can lead to dementia. I am not sure of that claim, but my dad immediately noticed the arthritis pain and swelling in his hands improved. There are a lot of gluten free options so it might not be as scary. 

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