Day 18 - Where's the Tiger Blood?!

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I have been 100% compliant for 18 days. While I have noticed a few Physical (Outside) NSVs (leaner appearance, flatter stomach, clothes fitting better, watch fitting better), I feel like I'm not noticing many changes in Physical (Inside), Mood, Emotion and Psychology, Brain Function, Sleep, etc. NSVs. I am also not yet feeling the Tiger Blood I was expecting, and have heard from so many people that this is "so real." I was a moderately healthy eater and moderately active before starting Whole30, and I noticed the book said that if this was the case, most people felt almost a flipped switch on Day 16 to Tiger Blood. Of course, every body is different but I was expecting to feel much better than my usual self starting this week.

I definitely feel as though I'm eating enough/not too much - hard boiled eggs and fruit and maybe some dinner leftovers (if any) or half an avocado for breakfast, 1 serving of a recipe from the Whole30 book for lunch (including the "Make It A Meal" option), and 1 serving of a dinner recipe from the book (again, including the "Make It A Meal" option). I am eating until I am full and satiated, and am full for 4-5 hours after each meal, and not snacking at all. What am I doing wrong??


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I'm glad you are noticing quite a few NSVs. A gentle reminder that the program is 30 days, you may not experience your best days until the end. Tiger blood is different for everyone. If you work out regularly, you definitely have a much better chance at it.  Hang in there, you can do this!

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