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Day 29- still bloated, no tiger blood, no NSVs HELP

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Hi everyone! 

 This is my second round of whole 30 and food wise it has seemed so much easier. However, I am just not seeing the same results and experiencing the same NSVs that I did January of last year. 

I am on day 29 and never experienced tiger blood this time around. Did not notice my sleep was better. In fact there were several nights I had trouble (but I think that may have been due to caffeine late in the day). Last time I definitely noticed more energy where as this time I still seem to hit a mid day slump. Also haven’t noticed much difference in my skin. The other issue is that I have still had constant bloating, which is the main reason for doing this program again. 

I will say the only NSV I HAVE noticed is no heartburn! Which is a positive. 

I will measure myself day 31 and weigh myself then as well, but that I feel has been the biggest difference this time. Last year I lost 10 pounds, not sure this year yet, but at the doctors a few days ago I am down only 2. 
my clothes aren’t fitting any different either. I guess I’ll find out for sure when I retake measurements soon. 

I have followed the rules to a T. Some of my meals may not have been big enough, but other than that I can’t pinpoint why this time around seems to be a bust for me?! Which is frustrating because last time was so successful both scale and NSV. 

examples of my meals:

breakfast: (Which I never really ate before whole 30) has mostly consisted of eggs (2), bacon, and roasted potatoes as well as an avocado. 

lunch and dinner are mostly the same type of meals: ex 1: buffalo chicken tenders (2), green beans, sweet potato fries.  Salad with red pepper, red onion, tomato, cucumber plus balsamic dressing. 
ex2: spaghetti squash with compliant tomato basil sauce and Italian sausage. Plus salad. 
ex3: grilled chicken with cauliflower rice. Broccoli and carrots plus coconut aminos. 
ex 4: whole 30 salad bowl from chipotle with carnitas, veggies, mild salsa, guacamole 

ive mostly just cycles through these types of meals to keep it simple. 

ive rarely snacked  except maybe and apple and handful of  cashews or almonds here or there, but I cut the nuts out to see if it helped with bloating. 

as far as liquid intake It’s been mostly water. Multiple 16oz glasses per day. 
occasionally had unsweet tea. Or Leno sparkling water. 
also have had hot tea most weekday mornings. 

As far as working out: I did not work out any this time and that was the same as when I did this last year as well. 

any ideas as to why this whole 30 is seemingly a bust? I’m nervous for reintroduction just because I haven’t felt like this has been a success like last time  


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Sometimes your 2nd whole30 seems disappointing in comparison to your first. See this post for details.

Sometimes eating too little doesn't give you the results you think you'll have. Eating more could work better for you. How's your sleep hygiene? Screens off at least 1 hour before bed? How's your general stress levels? That can have a big impact. 


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