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What's on your Whole30 food playlist?


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I've done the Whole30 several times; however, the last one I did was a year ago so I feel like I need to revisit old recipes/find new ones.  I'm on Day 6 now.

Some of my past favorites on the playlist:  

  • turkey, kale, sweet potato soup
  • dairy free clam chowder
  • pulled pork (over sweet potato, with homemade fruit salsa)
  • eggs with veggies and guac
  • various styles of chicken/turkey/bison meatloaf
  • compliant apple chicken sausage with kale, apples and coconut flakes
  • buffalo spaghetti squash/chicken casserole

What are some of your favorites?  

Please inspire me to make some new stuff (no mushrooms though, I hate mushrooms and will not try them on a bus, with Gus, out in the rain or on a train.  I will not try there here or there.  I will not try them anywhere.:lol: )

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I prepare a lot of my meals by just throwing things together. But, I do love me a good recipe to break things up. These are my most frequent and most favorites recipes! 

Hmmm... I think that's it for now! In general, my favorite recipe authors are Paleo Running Momma and Mel Joulwan! I highly encourage you to check them out for some new and delicious recipes! 

Best wishes to you! 

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