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Today is THE DAY 2.1.20

Kimberly A C

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Just scrolling through some posts today, I'm noticing that a lot of people are starting on Feb. 1.  You will be able to connect with them if you need support.  I'm on Day 13 and, although still a newbie, I'll share a little advice.  Make triple of everything so that you always have something that you can heat in a pinch.  Check out the "Whole30 Approved" section of this site.  It's at the top of the page.  Some nice sauces and waters to spice up your Whole30!  Just make sure that you read every single label carefully.  Just because a company has a few products that are approved does not mean that they all are.  Lastly, if sugar is your thing, try to stay away from too much fruit.  I found myself substituting cashew nut butter, bananas, and pears for past desserts.  Hope you feel great and get a lot out of the next 30 days!

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